Spring is officially here and I find myself keeping it from yelling every time I feel the warm sun on my face giving me a short taste of summer.

With all this excitement to embrace the upcoming months, I can only start thinking of flowers, dresses, and… pools! I could say I am getting ready to welcome the heat with my best mood even if I still have a few months to be able to go swimming, but these days I am having a crash for…


They remind me of my childhood and I find them the best capture of what “vacations” mean to me. I love the vintage touch of old pools, the plants and flowers everywhere, and the sound of crickets on the back. Laying beside the water in the afternoon sun doing nothing while nothing else is happening around is a real experience of slow life, and the best recipe to make summer a true relaxation period.

When thinking of pools I have a lot of images in my mind but there are two movies that always come up as they showcase perfectly the kind of pool and mood I have in my mind:

A good year, featuring Chateau la Canorgue

Filmed in the south of France village of L’ Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the movie mostly happens in this traditional chalet with a unique mix of the Mediterranean flair and slow lifestyle and the beauty of the southern French region Provence.

A good year” makes the vineyard life in a small french village look really attractive. Wouldn’t you go and find somewhere like this to stay for a few months and get away from your stressful city life?

If you wish to spend some time in this little paradise, the chateau is today a hotel: Hotel du Poet

“Somewhere”, featuring Chateau Marmont

On the other side of the world, we find the Chateau Marmont in the city of LA. Sophia Coppola’s “Somewhere” features the slow pool-by-the-site life it in a much more sophisticated way. It’s not my favorite movie but the graphics are the best!

The pool is part of a hotel which doesn’t seem to get very crowded so it makes it perfect to spend hours alone in the sun by the water, it brings you to the old summer days as the characters (a father and his daughter) play many summers classing like table-tennis, under-the-water games, and a lot of movies, a Wii Sports.

If you are passing by in LA make it a visit! (website here)