With spring officially starting a few days ago, it’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the new season. But before moving on, there’s still a one-last-chance to enjoy the snow… with the high season being almost over, the ski experience is only going to get better now! You will enjoy the mass of snow accumulated over the past months and the “warm” sun of spring altogether.

If you still haven’t plan your next vacation or retreat, here are some recos to close the season enjoying the best the alps have to offer!

Megeve, France

Not far from Geneva’s international airport you’ll find Megeve. And up in the mountains, you’ll find a beautiful view of the Mont Blanc and great restaurants to enjoy the traditional swiss-french cuisine at its best (the surrounding makes a lot, to be honest). Go to Les Mandarines for an amazing lunch in the mountains, and head to La Folie Douce to enjoy the famous french apres ski.

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Zermatt, Switzerland

If you want to really feel you are in the Swiss Alps, head to Zermatt. You will need to take a train to reach the village as private transportation is not allowed there. But the trip is totally worth the visit. The views are amazing, the village is all about casual mountain style, and it has a bit of everything so there’s no way you’ll find yourself wondering what to do! 

Go to the Omnia hotel to have a design experience in the middle of the mountain, to Unique Hotel Post if you want to be right in the centre and have it all in one place (it has the go-to drinks place of the village in its base floor), Homemade Café & Shop for a healthy lunch/snack, and CERVO for an amazing stay, incredible burger and the fanciest apres ski in town.

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Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier is well known for its off-piste skiing and for the long apres ski parties. The village is quite small and mostly oriented to the skiing activities but it’s very well equipped with stores and restaurants so you’ll find a great variety of things to do up there. It’s always a good option for a group as it has options for all. It’s also the favorite resort of the Brits so get ready to meet a looot of them.

Go to Carrefour for lunch in the slopes, and to Le Shed for an amazing burger right after the apres ski at Le Rouge.  Stay at the Hotel W and/or go to their Artic Juice & Café for brunch. 

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Courmayeur, Italy

This small village on the Italian side of the Alps is right behind the Mont Blanc and you’ll find it to be the perfect place for a casual and chill retreat. The village is pretty small but has all the great Italian taste in its stores and restaurants. Up in the mountains, you’ll find a small but well-equipped resort, and the views are beautiful!! 

Go to Super G for lunch and apres ski. 

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And of course there’s much more to explore, but I’ll keep that for the next season 🙂