I spent the last weekend in Zurich and I am absolutely in love with how much care swiss take on designing stores, and with the so many coffee places where I would have loved to spend an afternoon with my laptop. These are my top 5 discoveries over the weekend to add to your to-do list if you are planning to go to Zurich!


We had brunch at this restaurant that I found just amazing! The food was exceptional but the decoration, the colors, the details, the attention, and the mood were just the best I have seen in some time.

I didn’t take a picture of the vintage cigarettes machine, but I really regret it… I don’t know if it actually works but it’s so cool I’d consider buying a pack just to say I used it.

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The store is located in the city center and is one of this places where you will have the feeling that you have to buy something. We spent easily 45min walking around and absorbing all the details. I ended up buying a city guide I am really happy with, and discovered a lot of cool things I will post in my collection soon!


enSoie STORE

The store is cute but what really caught me was the pottery selection they had! Plus they have a coffee bar that I would have really liked to try too!



I bought the Zurich guide and according to the guy who sold it to me (who was from Zurich) it has really good tips and cool places to discover, even for locals. He also said there is a full collection so I did some research and turns out this is a big discovery!! They have indeed a collection of 19 guides curated by locals, and they also have an app! It’s already uploaded to the Collection.




I find fashion photography very beautiful to observe and inspiring for the way it reflects the social movements of the moment. I am not a big expert on the topic though so I didn’t know Juergen Teller but I will definitely keep track of his work from now on. I discovered him through this book I found at Nordish Living and just bought on Amazon! (I would have bought it at the moment but I was carrying a really small suitcase and the book is pretty big and heavy).

Buy here: https://steidl.de/Books/Woo-1525263940.html

And to close, a picture of the rooftops of Zurich. I have a special thing for rooftops and French-influenced architecture has a unique way to build them that I really like.